Q- What is FuckingTech.com?

A- Fucking Tech is to vent frustrations regarding that fucking tech we use every day in futile attempts to improve our lives.

Q- I was searching for sex machinery and I wound up here. Am I at the right place?

A- No. You are looking for www.FuckingMachines.com with which we will compete if we recycle the FuckingTech.com domain.


Q- I am looking to buy technology originating from the town of Fucking, Austria. I am at the right place?

A- No. However, if they would want to develop a partnership with us to sell their tech, our name is already appropriate.


Q- Your domain name is vulgar. Do you have a friendlier domain name I can link to?

A- Fuck, no. Being fucked daily by technology is reserved only for real men. All you pussies that still use pens and paper instead of PDAs are not welcome.

Fucking Tech

    "Humans have great technology that could improve their lives. However, humans always fuck up it's implementation through bad management, bad design, rushed releases, no testing, no resources, corruption and just not giving a fuck about anything. In turn, humans remain frustrated, in a life unimproved. Stupid humans."

    -Intercepted alien communication