Android warning: Malicious text can install a WORM on your phone – and it infects any friends who message you on WhatsApp too


Android users are being targeted by a piece of malicious software which tricks users into downloading a fake app that also targets the devices of friends via WhatsApp.

The so-called ‘worm’ can only infect a person’s phone if they receive the message themselves and click on the link it contains.

It then requests the user enables a variety of functions and permissions. These activate a hidden capability which means when the phone receives a WhatsApp message it will instantly reply with a link to the dodgy site.

The intention of the scam is to bombard people with ads, which creates revenue for criminals, or to dupe people into signing up for a subscription service.

However, the tech could also be easily adapted to become more sinister and steal personal information as well as bank details, experts warn.


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