Apple just issued this urgent warning to iPhone users and you need to read it


When Apple typically issues mid-cycle iOS updates, I don’t always update my iPhone immediately. Especially if the new update doesn’t address any serious security issues or have any compelling new features, I’ve never been in a rush to update my phone if things are already running smoothly. The recent release of iOS 14.5.1, however, is an exception and an update you’ll probably want to download as soon as possible.

Apple first released iOS 14.5 just about a week ago with a host of new features, including the company’s new App Tracking Transparency framework, new Siri voices, a multitude of new emojis, support for AirTags, and more. Just a few days later, Apple rolled out an iOS 14.5.1 update that it said addressed a bug associated with its App Tracking Transparency feature. An Apple support document, however, reveals that the new iOS update also addresses two serious security issues.

While it’s not uncommon for iOS updates to tackle security issues or bugs, this update is different insofar that the security issues at play may have already been exploited in the wild. In other words, these aren’t theoretical security issues, but rather security issues with potentially real-world consequences.

Addressing the two security issues, Apple notes that it’s aware that both of them “may have been actively exploited.”

Both security issues involve WebKit and involve all iPhone models going all the way back to the iPhone 6s. A number of iPad models are impacted as well:


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