Aussies Paying $140,000 for Internet, Phones, Streaming Over Lifetime

Bills for the internet, mobile phones, and streaming services quickly add up, but a changing market and 5G entering the fray means the chance for a better deal. The cumulative cost for internet, phone and streaming services is now almost $140,000 (US$108,000) over the average Australian lifetime. That’s a breakdown of about $78,000 on internet, $41,800 on mobile plans, and $19,300 on services like Netflix, spread out over an average lifetime of 82.5 years. Monthly costs work out to $80 per month for internet, $45 per month for mobile, and $25 per month for streaming services, according to a new report from digital consumer website If you average 60 minutes a night on the likes of Netflix and Stan, that’s an hourly rate of about 82 cents. Figures were calculated using the most-recent pricing data available and a survey of 1,000 people about streaming and mobile costs. Considering how …


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