‘Biggest Challenge to Big Tech’: Netizens Cheer as India’s Space Agency Announces Google Maps Rival

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s calls to make India “self-reliant” have picked up pace in the tech sphere. Over the past ten days, local alternatives to Twitter and WhatsApp, dubbed Koo and Sandes respectively, have debuted in the country.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has partnered with MapmyIndia, an Indian technology company that builds digital map data, to create a local alternative to Google Maps.

Details like the name and tentative date of release of the upcoming app have not yet been revealed to the public.

In an official statement, ISRO said that the “collaboration will enable them to jointly identify and build holistic geospatial solutions utilising earth observation datasets” as well as other Indian-made geoportals.

SOURCE: https://sputniknews.com/india/202102131082060723-biggest-challenge-to-big-tech-netizens-cheer-as-indias-space-agency-announces-google-maps-rival/

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