Cyber Threats Increase as Utilities Link Control Systems to Internet; 11 Identified “Bad Actors”

By B.N. Frank

Cybersecurity threats to utility companies, their hazardous 2-way transmitting utility “Smart” Meters, and “Smart” appliances are NOT new. They are increasing as well.

From Defense One:

Vulnerabilities Grow as Utilities Link Control Systems to the Internet

The Biden administration and utility companies are trying to reduce the risks, but at least 15 well-equipped groups are hunting for ways in (11 of which are focused on utilities – Ed.).

The global electric utility sector is facing an increasingly dangerous cyberthreat landscape, even though there hasn’t been a publicly witnessed disruptive attack over the past five years. Utilities worldwide have been strengthening their security against threats to their IT networks but have not paid enough attention to their industrial control systems, or ICS, and operational technology, or OT, systems…


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