Dumping Google Chrome resulted in one colossal benefit


After a year of lockdown, I’m back on the road. Me, my laptops, my other gadgets, and my off-grid kit for keeping everything charged up.

But the faster my gadgets run down their power, the more I have to charge them, and the more I have to charge them, the more pressure I’m putting on my portable power station.

Over the past months, I’ve been dabbling with dumping Google Chrome. What started out as a lightweight alternative to the sluggish incumbents has, itself, become the sluggish incumbent.

It’s become a bloated battery and memory hog.

Not what I want on the road.

SOURCE: https://www.zdnet.com/article/dumping-google-chrome-resulted-in-one-colossal-benefit/?ftag=TRE-03-10aaa6b&bhid=21735961543072688253262375158449&mid=13375237&cid=717936240&eh=23359ea42958bfd6a11f84e77535f606e11820748e792bd3d4b8fed0d3b913cb

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