EBay is telling scammers to stop selling photos of the PlayStation 5 for hundreds of dollars

  • The new PlayStation 5 sold out quickly, and crashed retailers websites.
  • Some scammers on eBay are selling photos of the consoles for hundreds of dollars, and eBay says it is removing them.

The just-launched PlayStation 5 video game console is sold out everywhere, and only available through resellers at inflated prices, but scams abound too.

The PlayStation 5 continues to sell out in seconds in the US and the UK as retailers drop new stock, some bought by bots that purchased them faster than any human could. Pent up demand may have been responsible for repeatedly crashing Walmart’s website in November, Ben Gilbert reported. One reseller group told Business Insider that it bought 3,500 consoles, and resellers said that they were selling $500 PlayStations for as much as $1,100. The consoles are such a hot commodity that they were the hot item on Black Friday, despite not being discounted at all.

SOURCE: https://www.businessinsider.in/tech/news/ebay-is-telling-scammers-to-stop-selling-photos-of-the-playstation-5-for-hundreds-of-dollars/articleshow/79516585.cms

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