Expert Questions Whether Facebook’s Crossfire Hitting Non-Profits, Emergency Services Was Deliberate


An Australian expert says it is “inconceivable” that Facebook accidentally restricted the pages of critical government departments, emergency services, and non-profit organisations when it implemented a ban on all news content from its platform in Australia. Facebook hires some of the brightest and best in terms of algorithm design and software engineering,” Associate Professor Rob Nicolls, a competition law expert, told The Epoch Times on Feb. 18. “It is inconceivable to me that such a group would be unable to code the difference between a childrens cancer charity and a News Corp newspaper,” he said. In fact, when Facebook released a statement, it shifted the blame to the government’s drafted legislation. “As the law does not provide clear guidance on the definition of news content, we have taken a broad definition in order to respect the law as drafted,” it’s statement read. “However, we will reverse any pages that are …


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