Facebook Has VIP Pass Free Of Their Censorship

Facebook has a secret program in place that provides celebrities and influential people to change the social network’s own laws, according to a report.

The Silicon Valley giant’s program, called “XCheck” or “cross-check,” created a so-called “whitelist” of celebrities who are protected from enforcement, according to The Wall Street Journal.

It was originally intended to preserve the company from bad publicity in the event that it directed content from some of the more high-profile users. Alternatively, critics say that it has protected those same users from the laws that refer to the general public.

SOURCE: https://www.blabber.buzz/blab/pop/1030369-facebook-has-vip-pass-free-of-their-censorship?utm_source=c-alrt&utm_medium=c-alrt-email&utm_term=c-alrt-GI&utm_content=3CBxZ7_XWJVMPwlfPETsrRVMPzicviGg0jM0.A

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