Facebook Helped Sway 2020 Election As Exec Admits Bias Against Conservatives – (Video)


Facebook’s approach to registering 4.5 million voters affected the November election to President Joe Biden, a Facebook executive surmised in the hidden camera footage.

The executive, Benny Thomas, showed gloomy views of the giant tech company but added the voter drive among its positives while privately being recorded earlier this year by reporters with Project Veritas, undercover journalism nonprofit.

“This is the good side of Facebook. … We made a big difference,” he said in a video published by Veritas on March 16, explaining that Facebook surpassed its purpose of registering 4 million people and could only achieve the mission because of its “sheer scale and reach.”

SOURCE: https://www.blabber.buzz/blab/pop/1025357-facebook-helped-sway-2020-election-as-exec-admits-bias-against-conservatives-video?utm_source=c-alrt&utm_medium=c-alrt-email&utm_term=c-alrt-GI&utm_content=1D_AgrAkxCwg4wwQDkK5kDXy_m1doW-jzFME.A

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