Facebook’s Stunning Confession: Our Fact Checkers Are ‘Highly Biased’ With A Secret Political Agenda To Eradicate Conservatives


The Vice President of Facebook recently confessed that the company’s “fact-checkers” are prejudiced and have a hidden political agenda that they carry out through their relationship with Facebook.

Former British Deputy Prime Minister and current Facebook VP Nick Clegg stated in a European Commission document that Facebook’s fact-checkers, who censor so-called “fake news,” are secretly pursuing a political agenda aimed at eradicating conservatives from the online community.

Clegg made the startling remark to EU authorities last November during conversations regarding the internet giant’s handling of misinformation on its platforms.

SOURCE: https://en-volve.com/2021/06/15/facebooks-stunning-confession-our-fact-checkers-are-highly-biased-with-a-secret-political-agenda-to-eradicate-conservatives/

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