FuckingTech Show #2 – Intro to FuckingTech

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Introduction to FuckingTech (14m47s) November 17th 2017

-Tour of what is FuckingTech.
-Experiment to see where we cannot be listed. Possible underground podcast.
-Design sucks, it’s old. Refresh sometime in the future
-Shout-out to SovrynTech  https://zog.email/
-Shout-out to IdiotToys and UK Resistance  http://www.idiottoys.com/
-Alphabet of Manliness  https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/080652720X/bpitu-20
-FAQ questions reviewed

Got listed on BaladoQuébec.ca as I was recording!


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Fucking Tech

    "Humans have great technology that could improve their lives. However, humans always fuck up it's implementation through bad management, bad design, rushed releases, no testing, no resources, corruption and just not giving a fuck about anything. In turn, humans remain frustrated, in a life unimproved. Stupid humans."

    -Intercepted alien communication