Game Mod Developer Caught Deliberately Distributing Malware

Flight Sim Labs is a company dedicated to “specializing in various add-on products and services for the Microsoft Flight Simulator and Enterprise Simulator Platform (ESP) families.” That’s a specialized market, to be sure — flight sims don’t tend to sell in huge numbers, but they also tend to build a steady community over significant periods of time. Microsoft’s last version of Flight Simulator came out in 2006, yet supporting that game apparently continues to be a viable business strategy 12 years later. I’m a huge supporter of PC game modding, and mods have been shown to extend the useful lifetime of games by creating new game mods, integrating new content, and sometimes fixing bugs that the original developers couldn’t or wouldn’t tackle. So far, so good.

Several days ago, reddit user Crankyrecursion found that FSLab’s A320 package contained malware known as Chrome Password Dump. It does exactly what it says it does — dump your Chrome passwords. Unsurprisingly, gamers have revolted against this, and the company’s CEO has offered a mixture of apologies and defensive explanation.

Source: Game Mod Developer Caught Deliberately Distributing Malware – ExtremeTech

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