Google Home Mini bug could make it record audio 24/7

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Some of the Home Mini speakers Google gave away during its recent Pixel event aren’t working correctly. That’s what the company found out when it examined the unit it gave to Artem Russakovskii from Android Police. Russakovskii told the tech titan that the device he got from the recent Pixel event was recording sounds in his house 24/7. He noticed that his Home Mini would flash its lights even if he doesn’t activate it by saying “OK, Google” or by giving the touch panel a long press. When he checked his activity portal, it was filled with recordings saved on Google’s server that could make a conspiracy theorist shout “I knew it!” Since the company is releasing the speaker in a few days, it took Google less than three hours to scoop up the rogue speaker from his home.

Source: Google Home Mini bug could make it record audio 24/7

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