Poll: 64% Of Americans Say Social Media Does ‘More To Divide Us’


Mask-wearing, vaccinations, wokeness, white guilt; the list goes on and on for white divides us today, but a new poll suggests social media may be the fuel to the divisive fire. According to a national NBC News poll, the majority of Americans believe social media platforms do more to divide us than anything else.

“64 percent if Americans think social media platforms do more to divide us” reports NBC News. That includes the overwhelming majorities of most groups: “of Republicans (77 percent), independents (65 percent) and Democrats (54 percent), as well as majorities of white (70 percent), Latinos (56 percent), young adults (61 percent) and seniors (71 percent).”

Not surprisingly, the numbers to the very same question did not change much from 2018 to 2019 but add a global pandemic fueled with constant confusion and a contentious presidential election, and those numbers differed substantially.

SOURCE: https://theleoterrell.com/poll-64-of-americans-say-social-media-does-more-to-divide-us/

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