REVEALED: Scottish Vax passport app has shared user data with post office, Amazon, others

It has been revealed that the Scottish government has been sharing personal data from users of their vaccine status app with a variety of private companies.

It also appears evident that people who downloaded and used the controversial “vaccine passport” app were in no way informed that their data was to be shared at any point.

The Daily Record writes, “We have learned the NHS mobile phone app which presents the personal medical information in the form of a QR Code shares data with companies including Amazon, Microsoft, ServiceNow, Royal Mail and an AI facial recognition firm.”

Sam Grant, the policy and campaigns department head at an organization simply called “Liberty,” commented the following:

“Vaccine passports create a two-tier society and already many people in Scotland have been coerced into getting a vaccine passport in order to attend events and access certain parts of society.”

“It’s extremely concerning that, in doing so, data has been shared with third parties without people having the option to opt out or without even being made aware that this is happening. This only furthers the wide concerns people already have around vaccine passports.”

“We all want to keep each other safe and Liberty has always supported reasonable and proportionate measures to combat Covid but vaccine passports are not a solution.”

Alex Cole-Hamilton, the leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrat party concurred, stating:

“Scottish Liberal Democrats have repeatedly warned the Government that data protection is virtually non-existent – a simple screenshot was enough to bypass whatever ‘security measures’ the system had in place. The launch was a shambles and the IT system struggled to cope.”

“Everyone has the right to medical privacy; nobody should ever have to provide part of their medical history to a bouncer or a series of private companies. That is just simply absurd.”





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