T-Mobile Data Breach Affects 40 Million People

In-store repairs are becoming increasingly commonplace, and T-Mobile is finally ready to catch up on that trend. The carrier now plans to offer in-store repairs to Protection subscribers in 500 stores starting November 1st. Pay $7 or more per month and you can get your device fixed the same day thanks to “highly-credentialed” Assurant technicians using approved parts. More stores will provide the option in the future, T-Mobile said.

The provider is also expanding Protection to handle five claims per year instead of the more conventional three. The service already covers accidental damage and theft, Jump upgrades and AppleCare.

This isn’t a novel concept for carriers. However, it makes sure T-Mobile is at least competitive with heavyweight networks that already offer some in-shop repairs. And unless right-to-repair measures become commonplace, you’ll likely be reliant on outside repair facilities for a while to come — in that light, more choices can’t hurt.

SOURCE: https://www.engadget.com/t-mobile-in-store-phone-repair-155724605.html?src=rss

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