‘There’s no anonymity anymore – don’t kid yourself’: InfoWatch head Natalya Kaspersky to RT



The best way to keep your sensitive data safe is not to upload it online, as even encrypted apps are unable to guarantee its protection, Natalya Kaspersky, the head of the InfoWatch cybersecurity company, told RT.

A modern user of digital devices must keep in mind that all their movements are being recorded, all photos and all videos are being saved in the cloud. All text messages are being saved, too, Kaspersky said.

Every social media platform is gathering all the data it can get hold of, because access to them is free and therefore they make money only through selling this information or analyzing it for advertising purposes.

Theres no anonymity. Theres been no anonymity for a long time now. And dont kid yourself about it.

SOURCE: https://www.rt.com/russia/515438-telegram-youtube-tiktok-kaspersky/

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