TikTok Censors Viral Videos Alleging Inconsistencies in Amber Heard Testimony


TikTok censored numerous viral videos alleging inconsistencies in Amber Heard’s testimony after the platform was contacted by Rolling Stone magazine.

Heard is being sued by her ex Johnny Depp for defamation and her routinely dubious claims about his behavior have been subject to cynicism and ridicule.

However, seemingly keen to stop the spread of embarrassing viral videos which portrayed Heard in a bad light, Rolling Stone contacted the platform complaining that the videos ‘glorified violence or suffering’.

One of the videos in question, which was later deleted by TikTok, featured two cats playing the roles of Heard and Depp.

“In the video, Heard’s testimony is reenacted by a cat in a blond wig, with the same cat in a black wig and a Pirates of The Caribbean bandana playing Johnny Depp,” reports Reclaim the Net. “When the video starts, the cat playing Heard is lightly slapped using a finger.”

“The videos mock the alleged inconsistencies in Heard’s testimony, particularly the part where she says that she “turned to look at [Depp]” after he hit her. The original video’s caption read: “Don’t you have to be looking at someone in the face to be able to slap them across it?”

The video, originally posted by a user going by the handle @heyitsgingerandpepper, was removed after clocking up more than 14 million views.

TikTok removed several videos it was alerted to by Rolling Stone journalists, claiming they violated the platforms policies against bullying and harassment, which does not allow “content that disparages victims of violent tragedies.”

Rolling Stone chose to run their hit piece under the lurid headline ‘Demoralizing and Demeaning’: A Gross TikTok Trend Mocking Amber Heard is Going Viral’.”


Yeah, because cat memes are so “gross”.

As if mocking what happened to Heard, or more likely what didn’t happen, represents mocking a ‘violent tragedy’. That’s manifestly absurd.

This is yet another example of how legacy media dogpiling and social media censorship, justified in the name of cracking down on “hate” and “misinformation,” is weaponized to help craft a narrative.


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SOURCE: https://summit.news/2022/05/12/tiktok-censors-viral-videos-alleging-inconsistencies-in-amber-heard-testimony/

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