Twitter is quicker to ban sitting presidents and conservative commentators than alleged pedophiles. Sort your priorities, Jack


It’s not good advertising for your social media platform to be accused of having problems with sexual abuse, but Twitter, like Pornhub, has found itself in hot water as they are sued by a victim.

Around this time last year, I found myself covering Pornhub having issues with their platform hosting videos of sexual abuse. The issue was largely ignored until the pornography giant was put into a position where they had to delete most of their videos to cover their rear ends. Now Twitter finds itself in a similar kerfuffle. The social media giant is being sued by a victim of sexual abuse who ran into photos of the horrific occurrence on the platform.

The victim remains anonymous, and the lawsuit is being done through the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s law center and the Haba Law Firm. Peter Gentala, the senior legal counsel for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s law center, stated, “despite its public expressions to the contrary, Twitter is swarming with uploaded child pornography and Twitter management does little or nothing to prevent it.” Investigation by the website the Post Millennial actually showed that pedophiles were using Twitter to share pornography with rather disgusting specifications. Open pedophiles have tried to use Twitter to push the process of normalizing pedophilia as well.


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