Twitter Locks Account of Chinese Embassy in US Over Its Tweet About Uyghur Women


Twitter has locked the official account of the Chinese embassy in the United States, over a tweet that activists say dehumanizes Uyghur women and promotes Beijings propaganda to justify its persecution of Uyghur Muslims. The tweet, which cited an article published by Chinese state-run media China Daily, said that Uyghur women had been emancipated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as part of its process of eradicating extremism. The tweet further claimed that these women were no longer baby-making machines. The tweet was posted on Jan. 7. The Chinese regime has heavily suppressed Uyghurs and other Muslim minority groups in Chinas far-western Xinjiang region. An estimated one million Uyghurs are currently detained inside internment camps. Twitter removed the above-mentioned tweet about a day later. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed with Reuters on Thursday that the embassys account has been locked. Users that are locked can still access their accounts but face …


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