UK’s New Internet Bill Criticised by Civil Liberties Groups


The UK government on Wednesday published the draft of a new “landmark” internet bill to regulate online space. The ambitious new bill (pdf), which is expected to be brought before Parliament in the coming months, is set to be the first major set of regulations for the internet anywhere in the world. It aims to protect people from “harmful content” as well as to “uphold democratic debate online,” according to a government statement. But Civil liberties groups have criticised the bill, calling it “Kafkaesque” and “disastrous for privacy rights and free expression online.” Duty of Care The new Online Safety Bill introduces a “duty of care,” requiring social media sites, websites, apps, and other services hosting user-generated content or allowing people to talk to others online to “remove and limit the spread of illegal and harmful content such as child sexual abuse, terrorist material, and suicide content.” According to the government …


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