YouTube and Vimeo pull MyPillow Mike Lindell’s election fraud ‘documentary’ as he pays OAN to air it 13 times in one weekend – but the right-wing network airs disclaimer that it has no ‘established facts’ and is ‘opinion only’

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell on Friday released his two-hour film ‘Absolute Proof’ which pushes his voter fraud conspiracy theories and falsely claims a Chinese cyberattack ‘flipped’ the 2020 election.

The Donald Trump supporter released the movie, which he described as a documentary despite the lack of proof of any voter fraud, after describing the Republican’s presidential defeat as a ‘communist coup’.

It was scheduled to air on One America News (OAN) four times throughout the day and several other times through the weekend – on 13 occassions in total – after being paid for by Lindell.


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