YouTube demonetizes news outlet over Mike Lindell video


Not only is MyPillow CEO and prominent Trump supporter Mike Lindell facing deplatforming on major social media, with his company targeted by pressure groups – those who express their support for him are also getting punished.

Conservative site World Net Daily (WND) has been demonetized by YouTube because of a video of Lindell. The site issued a statement saying the demonetization over the short video meant that Big Tech is trying to achieve totalitarian control over users on social platforms.

The site, which has been online for over 20 years, said that Google, who own YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and others are no longer hiding this ambition, whose aim is to establish control over “everything you are allowed to read, watch, hear – and therefore think.”

The statement recalls that Twitter went as far as to ban a US president, blasting Big Tech as “revolutionaries” whose anger and obsession with power borders on insanity.

Earlier in the month, Lindell – who has also been banned from Twitter – had one of his own videos taken down by YouTube. The MyPillow CEO brought the wrath of Big Tech upon himself for being a vocal proponent of the belief that last year’s US presidential election was rigged. However, giant centralized platforms have prohibited content that in any way questions the integrity of the November vote.

As YouTube removed his video, which once again saw Lindell claim that election fraud had taken place, Facebook in early March took a “softer” stance by reducing its visibility, after one of its third party checkers flagged it as false.

Meanwhile, Lindell is preparing to launch his own social platform that is supposed to serve as an alternative to the likes of Twitter and YouTube.

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