Desjardins freezes debit card while traveling

I knew I was traveling soon and decided to call the bank to make sure they would not freeze the debit card, as they often do with credit cards. Here is the essence of the discussion over the phone:

-Me: I am calling to give notice that i will be traveling with my debit card, as to not freeze it while i am abroad.
-Desjardins : No need to notify us when traveling with debit card.
-Me: Oh! Fantastic!

I use Desjardins debit card abroad. Card gets frozen. Cannot use card again when needed for an emergency. It’s likely some algorithm somewhere like those used for credit cards.

It’s truly fucking amazing that you take the time to indicate that transactions may appear suspicious, but they are not , because you will be the one using it.

What do we learn here? Don’t trust bank technology, and make sure you have backup methods to have money on hand. Fucking banks.



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