FuckingTech #1 – Palm frustrations

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Welcome to the first Fucking Tech podcast. In this show I ram Palm right in the ribs with their shitty:

-Palm Marketing that doesn’t allow me to see a demo phone (Forgot to mention their commercials with that scary alien lady! FOCK!)
-Sales that don’t sell the phone unlocked and on all carriers
-Impossible to run WebOS emulator
-WebOS SDK that limits functionality
-oh.. and other shit and some comments about the retarded mobile space as it is right now.

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Fucking Tech

    "Humans have great technology that could improve their lives. However, humans always fuck up it's implementation through bad management, bad design, rushed releases, no testing, no resources, corruption and just not giving a fuck about anything. In turn, humans remain frustrated, in a life unimproved. Stupid humans."

    -Intercepted alien communication