Internet down: Huge outage takes some major sites offline

It’s not just you, it’s Steam, PlayStation, Disney, GoDaddy, Amazon, UPS, LastPass, and a whole bunch of other websites that are out-of-commission right this minute. One part of the problem appears to be an issue with the content distribution network (CDN) Akamai. Tracking for the service suggests that they’re experiencing an “emerging issue with the Edge DNS service.”

Major issues have occurred with this down-time, giving us a glimpse into the world of “what if” when it comes to our reliance on the internet at large. Take for example UPS, whose down time will result in users’ inability to check for tracking information on important deliveries.

The Delta webpage down-time means Delta flights cannot be checked from home or from smart devices with the internet. The same is true of British Airways. Capital One appears to be down at the moment, meaning users with money with the bank cannot check their balance or access documents until the outage is fixed.

Streaming services like HBO Max are down at the moment, forcing users to revert back to watching Blu-rays and, if all else fails, turning their television off for a bit of no-screen time.


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