YouTube Removes Burma Army Channels; UN to Meet on Crisis


YANGON, Burma—YouTube removed five channels run by Burma’s military (also known as Myanmar) for violating its guidelines, it announced Friday, as demonstrators defied growing violence by security forces and staged more anti-coup protests ahead of a special UN Security Council meeting on the country’s political crisis. YouTube said it is watching for any further content that might violate its rules. It earlier pulled dozens of channels as part of an investigation into content uploaded in a coordinated influence campaign. The decision by YouTube followed Facebook’s earlier announcement that it has removed all Burma military-linked pages from its site and from Instagram, which it also owns. The escalation of violence by security forces has put pressure on the world community to act to restrain the junta, which seized power on Feb. 1 by ousting the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi. Large protests against military rule have occurred daily in …


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